About myself

Three years experience in web Software developing complemented by Master's degre in Information Technology. Specific expertise in innovative projects such as creating navigation system based on Wi-Fi and server for video cameras management system for Russian President’s election. Additional strengths include:
  • Expertise in PHP5, JavaScript, CodeIgniter framework and SQL with database analysis and design.
  • Design and integration problem solving skills
  • Developing requirements specifications, user documentation, and architectural systems research
  • Zend certified engineer


Multinational project (Russia, Israel, Canada)
Resident of Skolkovo.
First indoor navigation company in Russia.
My mission: Web/Server chief Programmer
• Lead the server development for navigation system based on Wi-Fi (have two subordinates).
• Develop the server using LAMP, JavaScript and Java.
• Created a system for conversion raster maps into vector maps.
• Programmed a server, which is made like .deb package for Ubuntu and can be installed in one click.
• Use SVN and Code review in this project.
Video surveillance of polling stations
for Russian electoral system
My mission: Web/Server Programmer
• On a tight timetable (15 days) created a server for video cameras management system
and became a member of a new team.
• Used PHP, Sqlite, FFmpeg, html5 and Linux scripts
to program a fast and Lightweight video Server for GNU/Linux.
Electronic queuing systems
• Created interfaces with Jquery and communication with soap server using PHP scripts.
• Created php scripts to communicate with VB scripts

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Address: 164 Grove street,
Waltham, MA
Cell phone: +1 781 330 55 35
Email: mikhailshelemetyev@yahoo.com
Skype: M.I.Shel

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Open source

SVG math functions graphics
This class can render a math formula as a SVG vectorial chart.
It takes a string with a math formula and creates a chart on which it draws a set of lines between consecutive points for the axes.
It may use cartesian or polar coordinates.
The class returns the chart data in SVG format.
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
Job seeker class
This class can search for jobs in different job sites.
It takes a list of parameters to search for jobs like the job keywords, country, city, distance limit, and the job sites to search.
The class sends HTTP requests to the specified job sites to retrieve feeds of the pages of jobs that match the specified criteria.
It returns an array with the details of the jobs found in all sites like the job title, description and job page URL.
Currently it supports search for jobs in Craigslist, Indeed and Monster.
PHP Programming Innovation award winner
Html5 game Kolobok
Game I developed just for fun & to learn some basics of html5
I have used box2d library for physics there
Kolobok is small yelow Russian bread ball.

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